African Code
The African Code is a ethical African ethos which is the fundamental intersection of our most cherished ideas and ideals, which serve as the bases for global African organizational people based unity for progressive development. The African Code is also a visible logo which is displayed by progressive African organizations who apply and adhere to its values.

The Code functions as an open source constitution to effectively manage interaction and institutionalize unity for diverse organizations. The African Code is not an organization but a set of constitutional principles which function silently in the background and can be adopted by any diverse group seeking streamlined unity. The African Code deals with the mechanisms of unity and the ethics of that unity.

Truth & Justice | To practice and retain truth based foundation in all our dealings and be just and moral across the board
Self-Determination | To protect and promote the authentic African voice and African agency

Unity | To efficiently and efficiently foster Pan-African unity which creates work to create a better world for African people. To absolutely reject binarism and divisiveness. But create Pan-African tolerance and harmony. Utilize the resources and skills in our community.
Culture | To protect and advance the best traditions of African culture via African agency
Education | To promote education in self-awareness, our environment and skills needed for nation building
Family | To protect the family and promote the institution of equity and marriage and create safe loving homes


Economics | To enhance the African economic profile and ownership of Africans globally. Especially products and services Africans use, and end economic dependency. To stimulate inter-trade in the African world and create clean capital.
Africans, as a group, must build constructive spheres of interest around common challenges. However, today African unity is more definable by a common history of oppression as opposed to common shared ethos. The African code is a hub for African development beyond passports and ethnic, geographical and religious lines. The African Code is drawn from our diversity as a racial family, so whether we are Voodoo, Muslim, Igbo, Jewish, or Christian, we can apply core principles and display our unity on the basis of those principles. The key is to foster a plural united Africa which respects and knows about each other, hence creating a new harmonious African future.