African Code

The African Code is a ethical African ethos which is the fundamental intersection of our most cherished ideas and ideals, which serve as the bases for global African organizational people based unity for progressive development. It is not an organization which you can join. It does not perform any action. Action is done via the various organizations which subscribe to these principles. If you are an individual or an organization needing more info please email below.

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Africans, as a group, must build constructive spheres of interest around common challenges. However, today African unity is more definable by a common history of oppression as opposed to common shared ethos. The African code is a hub for African development beyond passports and ethnic African ethnic lines. The African Code is drawn from our diversity as a racial family, so whether we are Voodoo, Muslim, Igbo, or Christian. We can apply core principles and display our unity on the basis of those principles.